About Sofi Bonde:

Sofi Bonde is a Swedish pop singer that hit the scene with her debut album One in 2001. Her follow-up EP All Up to Me and full-length Fighting Gravity were released on Subatomic Records in 2005 and 2006, respectively. She has recently produced several new songs that are now managed by Warner Chappell Holland. The small-framed blonde powerhouse will surprise you with her vocal presence. Her music straddles the lines between pop, funk and rock, with the latter taking more of the lead as the guitar riffs drives the songs. Sofi Bonde’s singing is sexy, laid-back, even nonchalant at times. Pair that with the words, and it creates a tension that is mirrored in the song’s arrangement - the driving verses paired against the fun-loving popish choruses. There is a funkish attitude to the rhythmic section as the songs pushes along its earworm melodies and her songs are very visual which perfectly suit for big screen movies and TV commercials. The multi-talented artist has a gem with her new songs; pick them up, stream it, or download it; get it!

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