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Boosted Entertainment.

We aren't your ordinary music place.

DJ, Event Production & Music Publisher.

Based in NYC, Operating within the NYC Metropolitian area.

Originality is key.

July 2020.

The idea of Boosted Entertainment is put forth by DJ Winston.

Winston's idea is to have underrated talents to be heard, and great ideas that may never get the chance to shine. Anything that is his style goes, or anything really unique in any style. A DJ from New York. Knows a lot about business, and knows what he is doing on the decks. He is also a tech enthusiast and cinematic photographer. DJ Winston has a YouTube channel which also showcases DJ Mixes, Music from the label, and more.

Latest News:

Phaser Beats & FXR

Red Zone


Latest News:

BTY London

Better Than This


Latest News:

BTY London

Sunrise Ft. Zot Belle



In Memory Of:


Anlu "Andy" Payla

A great friend, mentor, and inspirational.

Without you, Boosted Entertainment wouldn't exist.

You'll be missed.

In Memory Of:


Peter Duc Le

A Vietnam veteran, great grandfather, father, and leader.

Without you, Boosted Entertainment wouldn't exist.

You'll be missed.


Our Services

DJ For Your Events.

We're a full-service DJ and event production company operating within the NYC Metropolitian Area.

We specialize in Sweet 16s, school events, family gatherings, graduation parties, and many more. With non-stop mixing giving you the dance vibes, you won't regret it.

Music Publisher.

Do you want to be heard within the Music Industry?

We got your back. We will help you throughout the journey to build up your music portfolio, get your music to streaming platforms, and much more. With no lock in contracts, a dedicated team, you won't be disappointed.

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And much more!

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