About Karpan:

The Karpan project, by DJ and Producer Bernardo Bitencourtte, was launched in mid-2018, with the aim of realizing a dream of creating connections with the public. Karpan presents a unique style of music, with a sound that moves between aspects of House, creating a unique identity that his fans call “Karpan Sound”.

Bernardo grew up in a small town in the interior of Bahia in Brazil, and since childhood he had music as a friend and a point of refuge. His artistic perspective changed as a child, when he heard “Infinity” by Guru Josh Project and Klass for the first time. At the age of 14 he had his first contact with music production, which further elevated his passion and inspired him to contribute to people's lives through music, as much as it was important in his own.

With his music, skills and charisma, he conquers his space in the national electronic music scene while creating bonds and promoting unique moments with his listeners.

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