About DJ Brix & Jamie Neil:

Both based in Germany, DjBriX is an Audio Engineer and Sound Mixer. He started making and creating music early on. In his early days he used "TRACKERS“ and was active in the TRACKER-Scene.

Eventually, he has transitioned into making music professionally. Since mid to late ’90s he creates music together with his Duo partner Jamie Neil.

Combining both being a producer, creative mind, arranger and mastering operator of the Duo. Their ideas seamlessly adding onto the ideas of his Duo partner Jamie Neil, creating extraordinary songs and tracks.

Jamie Neil is an Audio Engineer and Sound Designer.

He has created alot of starting ideas for tracks for the Duo. While working he got in contact with a lot of sounds and music, so he got a sense for harmonic sounds.

From making music early on and since the mid to late ’90s he and his Duo partner DjBriX are creating a lot of wonderful and different kind of sounds and tracks.

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