About SLMF:

SLMF is a band name, an attitude and a philosophy of life. “Spread Love MotherFuc*ers” with this motto in their heart the two musicians Aleksej Zwetkow and Andreas Steiger live and create their art.

Taking life into their own hands and making the most beautiful and happy version of it is exactly what made them get along so well, became friends and started to let this energy flow through their music. Happiness is not a coincidence but the result of will, hard work and strength. This is exactly the lesson that the guys put into their music from the bottom of their souls.

Both of them have been making music independently for many years and so Aleksej became a gifted producer and instrumentalist, who always gets the best out of a song through curiosity and attention to detail. Andi is the voice of the project and through his lyrics he leaves behind all the hard and difficult times of the past. Always trying to develop as a person and artist, he challenged himself again and again through experiences such as participation in The Voice Of Germany and performances on large and small stages in Germany and the world.

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