About Nicky Tats:

Straight out of New York City, Nicholas Legakis, also known as DJ Nicky Tats, is a skilled, creative and enthusiastic house music disc jockey/producer with more than 15 years experience. A passion that started in his basement, mixing tracks and producing remixes, has evolved into a love for music in nightclubs all over the country. A well known DJ in the New York City Area, DJ Nicky Tats has also played places far from home, spinning at venues such as The Mansion in Miami, Blue Velvet, Dusk, Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, The Belagio in Las Vegas as well as hosted corporate events for companies such as Victoria Secret, Wells Fargo & the New York Stock Exchange. He has also hosted events for celebrities like Brad Pitt, Big Ang, Martha Stewart and Hugh Grant.

Nicky has spent years honing his skills to fine art. His eclectic track selection, unique style and infectious personality captivate crowds around the globe. Nicky is now known for his style of house music.

His music library spans nearly every genre of club music and he has the exceptional ability to mix in and out of top 40 and house music, introducing an entirely new demographic to quality edm music.

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