About Us.

Based in NYC, Operating within the NYC Metropolitian area. We're not like any other entertainment group.

Originality is key.

July 2020.

The idea of Boosted Entertainment is put forth by DJ Winston.

Winston's idea is to have underrated talents to be heard, and great ideas that may never get the chance to shine. Anything that is his style goes, or anything really unique in any style. A DJ from New York. Knows a lot about business, and knows what he is doing on the decks. He is also a tech enthusiast and cinematic photographer. DJ Winston has a YouTube channel which also showcases DJ Mixes, Music from the label, and more.

We encourage a lot of activity on the YouTube channel and other social medias. The vision has a long way to go, but Winston is eager to reach the top.

Remember, we're not ordinary. Need a DJ or Event Production? Want your music to be heard?

We have your back. We're here for you.

What are you waiting for?

Join us in Boosted Entertainment's journey.

Meet the team.

DJ Winston

Owner of

Boosted Entertainment

Bobby Le

Assistant Director of

Boosted Entertainment

Coming Soon

Boosted Entertainment